1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022


Exhibition Zone that is located on the first floor of the Pavilion will have free-flow visitor access. The journey will take you through the past, present and future of Uzbekistan in a spatial sequence. This journey along the Silk Road will reflect on mobility of ideas, opportunities, people and cultures to shape the global future.


Past of Uzbekistan

Visitors will walk through the past of Uzbekistan that holds rich culture, history and traditions. Learn about the discoveries of the past along the Great Silk Road that have contributed towards the making of modern day Uzbekistan.

Modern Uzbekistan

The visitors will continue their time journey to discover the modern day Uzbekistan through displays of some of its leading industries. It will showcase emerging technologies and innovations of the country.

Mapping the Future

At the end of the journey, visitors will walk into the future of Uzbekistan. It will showcase sustainable solutions and innovations that will give you a glimpse into future possibilities.


Uzbekistan Pavilion will offer a walk through experience that will reflect unity, connection and togetherness. This will be a hidden magical experience within the visitor journey to showcase mobility and connection of people and minds that will shape the future.

Highlights of Uzbekistan Pavilion

Mobility of people and minds that shapes the future
Uzbekistan's contribution to global industries
Authentic Uzbek cuisine experience at the restaurant

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