1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

Discover the Silk Road: Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva


Uzbekistan is home to magnificent architecture, rich culture and ancient traditions. This is a place that will surely bring you back for its breathtaking landscapes, history, architecture, food and people. It is known as the hidden gem of Central Asia. History, present and the future connects through the ancient cities of the Silk Road.


Samarkand is the Blue City of Uzbekistan and is famous for its beauty. With Islamic architecture, glittering minarets and turquoise mosaics and domes, this city will take you through a magical journey of Silk Road. The magnificent Islamic architecture of Samarkand attracts many to find their way to the rich history that is preserved in this city.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world that has been home to many civilizations and was founded around the 7th century BC – making it older than Rome. It has been a crossroads for people, cultures and traditions for centuries.


The ancient city of Bukhara is estimated to be 2300 years old that was conquered by Alexander the Great and has been ruled by many over the centuries. In the 10th century, Bukhara was recognized as the scientific and cultural center as it surfaced famous poets, scientists and physicians.

The city preserves its Eastern culture and rich discoveries. With more than 140 architectural monuments located in the city that can be dated back to the Middle Ages, Bukhara is known for its historical relevance around the world.


Khiva is located in the Khorezm oasis inside the great Karakum Desert. The historic heart of Khiva will take you back in time. Walking by the ancient walls of Ichan Qala you will feel like you have stepped into another era. It is often known as the ‘museum city’ as it stands with centuries of history for the many visitors that visit it today.

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