1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

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Future of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan will showcase developments of the country. It will demonstrate national commitment of enabling historical routes of Silk Road towards the success of future cities.

Explore the Land of Opportunities at Uzbekistan Pavilion Expo 2020 where trade and investment opportunities will be displayed to foster global collaboration and connection.

Industries of the Future

Uzbekistan has made advancements in some leading industries that have shaped the economic standing of the country. The country has been reliant on its natural reserves for decades and has provided prominence to manufacturing industries that is leading the country towards export opportunities.

Tourism Industry
ICT Developments
Textile Industry
Automobile Industry
Export Potential


Tashkent is redefining itself as the next attractive investment destination for the world. With its recent economic transformations, the country remains open to global partnerships and investments opportunities.

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