1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

Uzbekistan Pavilion hosts a meeting as the project progresses


Uzbekistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 will spread across an area of 1,740 square meters. It will showcase the movement through time along the Great Silk Road that will lead the way into a shared global future. Uzbekistan that has always been recognized as the gem of the Great Silk Road will show the traditions, culture, developments of various industries and the future.

The main contractors of the project including OP3 Expo, Arcade Star Construction and Design House Engineering have worked on the project over months to achieve timely progress on the construction of the pavilion. With the steel structure and block works done, the pavilion is already taking shape and is ready for further works towards the completion of the structure.

Despite the challenging months posed by the Covid-19 crisis, the teams involved in the project continued to work with safety precautions. After months of working remotely, OP3 Expo brought all parties together on the project to host a meeting following safety and social distancing measures to highlight the success of the project and to further plan the upcoming stages.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Commissioner General Uzbekistan Pavilion Expo 2020, Jakhongir Rustamov who addressed to all the teams who are collectively working for the project by thanking them for their efforts and sharing the excitement in Uzbekistan as a nation to be a part of this project.

With a number of companies working together, the project is approaching its final stages to be ready to welcome the world for Expo 2020.

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